No One Together

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No One Together

Post by RobertS » Mon Apr 24, 2017 6:33 pm

No One Together"

Centuries of backward ways, have many left behind us
Who can count the good men gone away
The fruits of all our labors have left us as we started
We've come too far to end it in a day
It seems that everything we do is wrong
A one way trip to nowhere all along
Just look around and tell me what you see
Another stupid page of history
No one together, No one is touching ground
Look at each other, Chaos is all around
Same situation, Nothing is really new
No one together, No one is me and you
Lo the horn of plenty is bursting at the seam
The harvest of the world will be our prize
We claim to know the secrets, the answers have been found
But how can one fool make another wise
'Cause nothing's better than it used to be
To live and die is still a mystery
We take away and we give nothing back
We just consume it all and still we lack
No one together, No one is touching ground
Look at each other, Chaos is all around
Same situation, Nothing is really new
No one together, No one is me and you
Each day passed by so quickly now
You can feel it drawing much closer now
The signs are in the faces of the people in the street
The signs are in the sound I hear
The voices filled with hate and fear
You can feel it drawing near you now
The multitudes are searching, and wandering in vain
For what they seek cannot be found in men
The truth that lies before us now is plain for all to see
To grow without is not to grow within
For in the promise is a victory
To see the way that everything should be
To feel the joy that we were meant to know
We should have realized so long ago
We're all together, Harmony will abound'
Look at each other, All that was lost is found
New situation if our direction's true
We're all together, Everyone is me and you.

"No One Together"
Wow it has been over a year since I posted anything. All I can say is sorry. But, I need some sort of Inspiration to find what I might be able to share. And I've had a dry spell of Inspiration. Just recently though, I've made some new friends who's conversation has given me what I need to share because "We're All Together" as I would like to show you in this KANSAS song.
A couple of weeks ago I and my wife Evelyn and our Therapy Dog Lucy went to a monthly Stress and Depression peer support group I usually attend and share messages I find in songs. Its rarely difficult for me to find a song to discuss. Usually a topic from last meeting sticks with me and a song comes to mind I can work off of. Or I can think of a song which addresses someone in the group's personal issues, including me. But our last meeting was cancelled because of the Blizzard and I didn't want to focus on any individual. I had no subjects to find a song for. I was surprised Two days before the meeting when I had a rare opportunity to scan the paper. Then plain as day an article caught my eye. It depicted two individuals shaded differently with each holding a 1/2 glass of something. The article below was about how the individuals viewed the glasses. One saw it as 1/2 empty while the other saw it as 1/2 full. It went on to say that our perceptions about things in life can shape our experiences. The pessimist with a 1/2 empty glass can extend their opinion making their reality harsher than the Optimist who's World view makes for a much more meaningful and longer life.

I thought it was a great article to share with the group now I only needed a song to go with it. The next day while listening to songs on my phone I found a lesser known song by KANSAS which I don't think even had much air play during the Cold War years when it was written. Well in these trying times, I believe that the stresses we have to face are as great or greater than we had then. Also there was a spiritual or religious turmoil within the band at the time. The song not being well known, nor having large religious overtones, I thought would compliment the article and make for interesting discussion. My question is whether the song "No One Together" by KANSAS is a 1/2 empty or 1/2 full type of song?

Below are the lyrics to it. And because I have found another KANSAS song with a connection to it I will share what I and others said about it when I post the next song. I think that it might just provoke all to do some deep thinking and soul searching. I hope you come back to read it.
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