Wondering what this might have been...

Out-of-Body Experience
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Wondering what this might have been...

Post by Eureka » Thu Feb 09, 2017 11:44 pm

Hi Everyone

I'm new here and wanted to see what other people thought of these experiences I and my daughter have had.

A quick background story. My son took his life last April at only age 20. Obviously this has sent me on a spiritual journey, reading everything I can on NDE's etc.

A few months ago my daughter was sleeping with me, she woke me early one morning calling in a panic "mum mum"! I woke up and asked her what was wrong. She then asked me if her dad had just been in the room. I said no as for one he was sleeping in another room, and for two she has a habit of locking my door when she gets into bed with me. She then became more scared and insisted I turn the light on.

She then explained that she had woken mid dream to see "dad" sitting at the end of the bed next to my feet. She said that as she woke and sat up "he" was moving as though turning away from looking at us and stood up, walked to the door and then walked through the door. She said that she had been sure it was dad and that he had a white t shirt on, like my husband always wears to bed, and that she hadn't been alarmed until he walked through the door. I then asked her if she'd kicked my foot while waking me, to which she said no, and I then realised she was very far away from me as the bed is large. I recalled when I woke my left foot was "nudged" and this is exactly where she said "dad" sat.

Obviously my mind went to it being my son, and was asking if maybe it was him? She said maybe... but still felt it was dad.

Roll on a month or so and I was asleep in bed with my husband. I woke to my alarm going off and was pretty sad to having to be getting up. I was facing inwards on the bed, towards my husband. As I opened my eyes I saw my husband standing next to the bed, on his side, facing the bed and looking downwards to the side, as though looking at something on the bedside table. My first thought was "now what the hell is he doing"? I closed my eyes for a minute, opened them back up and he was still standing there. I assumed he was looking at his cell on the bedside table.. which I felt was a weird thing to be doing. I glanced away, looked back and he was "gone". It honestly made me start as I was very much thinking "what the hell"?! I then realised he was in fact asleep in the bed next to me.

I would swear 100% it had been him, including again the white t shirt. Also it turned out my alarm had not gone off.. which again was odd as i distinctly heard it go off as it has the sound of birds chirping.

So since then i've been wondering if he is leaving his body while asleep. Which seems totally unlikely as he doesn't believe in anything like that, NDE's, spirits, nothing. I woke him that night and asked him what he was dreaming of but it was some mundane thing.

So my question really is, can you have an OBE and be unaware? And if not what do you think this could possibly be?

Sorry for such a long post.

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Re: Wondering what this might have been...

Post by Giulia » Fri Feb 10, 2017 12:16 am

Hi, Eureka, and welcome.

I am terribly sorry to hear about your loss and cannot even try and imagine how life must have been for you since last April.

About your question, based on my own personal experience, I can say that what you describe can indeed be possible, especially since you have started taking an interest in the spirit world and/or what happens/exists beyond this physical life.

I have personally had experiences while in a twilight state, that is while waking up or falling asleep, of close family members walking around the house even if they were in a completely different geographical area, either asleep or wide awake.

I have also happened to doze off during boring lectures or at the cinema and the like, and seen members of the audience, who were physically standing still, turning round or doing other things.

As to the experience involving your husband, I have experienced both situations: that of being seen around by another person while I was asleep (and being unaware of it the next day) or that of seeing other people with me during an out-of-the-body experience, who were unaware of it the next day.

What I feel this means is that we are not only a physical body and we can astral travel (so to speak) in a variety of ways, both while awake and while asleep.

I look forward to anybody who has had similar experiences to sharing them here, as it is a really intriguing topic.
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Re: Wondering what this might have been...

Post by ZenTzu » Fri Feb 10, 2017 1:26 pm

Greetings Eureka and welcome. I am so very sorry for your profound loss.... I agree with Giulia, from my own personal experiences, that it is entirely possible that you and your daughter are actually witnessing your husband during Astral Projection / Travel. That being said and again from my own personal experience - another theory (which I believe) is that Spirits can and sometimes do disguise themselves as a close loved one when they visit, so as not to frighten us. I hope this is helpful to you in some way....
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