I'm excited!

Out-of-Body Experience
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I'm excited!

Post by prismreverie » Wed Aug 24, 2016 11:00 am

This doesn't pertain to me so much, but I wanted to share with you what happened with my sister the other night.

Now I have always mentioned to her about out of body experiences, and astral projection, and lucid dreams... etc. She's never had any of those experiences before. Just would nod politely and listen out of being a wonderful sister. : )

Well, maybe because she noticed such a drastic change in me from when I used to be to how I am trying to live my life now, she has started to search a bit more for the truth as well. Both of us just started to listen to a Christian radio station (my story on what brought me to that is a long one... XP). But the other night she left the station on as she fell asleep.

The next day, she regaled to me her story about how she was paralyzed upon waking up in the middle of the night, and how terrifying it was and that was the first time it's happened to her. So then we went into a huge discussion about sleep paralysis: the scientific view of it and the spiritual one.
How ironic is it that she has never before experienced sleep paralysis, until she started turning/tuning into a more spiritual lifestyle? Why, out of the 30+ years of life she's lived, has she never felt this before? If sleep paralysis merely happens every time we dream to prevent our body from acting it out, then you have to think every time we sleep, we dream multiple times during the night, and stir and sometimes wake briefly, to go to the bathroom etc. You would think this would be a very common phenomena. But it isn't. Some people go through their whole entire lives without experiencing it. So why some, and in my sister's case, why all of a sudden now that's she trying this new spiritual/religious venture?

Well, I got excited for her and she was awestruck too. It is one thing to hear about other people's stories, but it is an entirely different thing to have an experience for oneself. I am so glad she was able to have this experience, and I can only hope that this will lead her more into seeking the truth and light. : )

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