5 different life paths

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5 different life paths

Post by LifeReview » Wed Feb 26, 2014 12:45 pm

from Justin M NDE 7131

I was involved in a very bad car wreck, I hit a truck at 90 mph head on.

After the impact I faded to black at that point I was in what I call a void, it was dark black empty and wide open. It was the most peaceful and calm felling I ever had, I knew with just one thought I could travel through the void and I was about to shoot myself into it when I heard a voice say "stop, don't go, its not your time and you still have a job to do" when I turned to see who was talking it was my mother, she died when I was 6 months old". I told her that I didn't want to live and I wasn't going to go back.

That's when she said "you cant go yet, you have things to do first", I didn't care and I turned back to go when she said "look" when I turned I saw a woman holding a child, my mother told me this was my wife and child. my mother then told me all the major details of my life up until I die at age 47. then she told me that was my path and try to follow it, she also said my choices in life would affect my path, That's when she showed me the major choices I had to make and what would happen as a result. she showed me 5 different life paths.

At that point I was ready to go back to my body and continue my life. she told me when I went back I wouldn't be able to remember what she told me and she was only able to tell me all that so that I would return to my body. before I went back I noticed that a lot of people (or spirits/energies) had gathered around us just standing around watching. at that point I turned to go back to the wrecked car my body was pinned in but as soon as I started to move I woke up in the car.

I didn't remember any of this until about a year ago, That's when it all started coming back and it hasn't stopped yet, the crazy part is everything she told me has happened. I cant include every detail in this, its just a basic summary.

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Re: 5 different life paths

Post by dnix71 » Wed Mar 05, 2014 7:29 pm

5 seems to be a divinely chosen number. In the Torah Codes books Michael Drosnin found codes stating "five futures/five roads"

The future is known in advance only to God but we are still offered 5 major paths in life. He said he found a code about WW3 and the 9th of Av, but also "delayed" and "five futures, five roads"

http://books.google.com/books?id=p4QtRz ... ds&f=false

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Re: 5 different life paths

Post by Jem7 » Thu Mar 06, 2014 8:41 am

NDEs and psychics sometimes talk about PROBABLE futures, not set-in-stone futures. It would be cool to compare all the future scenes NDE people have seen and to see what themes keep coming up (war, climate change, what have you).

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