Animal NDEs

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Animal NDEs

Post by MaxUsernameLimit » Sat Dec 02, 2017 12:25 pm

Hi there,

I am exploring ideas to somehow integrate the physical and the spiritual and that's why the question about animal NDEs came to mind.

So I am wondering the following.. let's take some simple animal, like a worm, or even simpler - a bacteria. Let's say it's a bacteria that doesn't have photoreceptors so it doesn't perceive light. If such a bacteria experiences a NDE, will it perceive a Being of Light? Will it be able to "know" everything it "wants" to? In fact, what does it want at all? How will it experience universal love? Will it have a life review? How is it going to have an OBE independent of space-time?


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Re: Animal NDEs

Post by Rey » Sun Dec 03, 2017 6:11 pm

Hello MaxUsernameLimit,

You came to the right place (at least to begin) !

Recommend that you begin by laying out your questions, then decompose and reformulate the parts into more identifiable or mappable unit statements. Put them into a tableau then attempt to quantify the frequency of components as observed across the NDE reports.

For example, take your question about bacteria, but instead formulate it into a hierarchy of living things from humans to microbes. Many people report encountering pets such as cats & dogs in their NDE, but did anyone see or meet their ex-pet goldfish? In other words, what is the lowest life form anyone reported having had joint awareness with? Are there any reports in which inanimate objects (eg, a rock or stone) were perceived to be alive or have awareness? (Many maintain that the whole planet earth is essentially a living organism; eg, Gaia Hypothesis).

Remember, many of those who experience an NDE report that they experience access to ALL knowledge (or as it has been frequently stated, "ALL-THERE-IS" or ATI). Although no one individual returns with full memory access to ATI, most return from their NDE with a small portion of of their experience retained. It is thru aggregating across these individuals (ie, thru the many NDE reports) that patterns of the implicate order (ie, the true causal reality) begin to be gleaned.

Study some of the statistical work done by Dr Long and especially Jody Long for approach.

For example (from Michael G's NDE),

During your experience, did you gain special knowledge or information about your purpose? Yes I realized, without turning this into a novel, that 'life' isn't the most precious gift. We all think it is, but it isn't. Life is given to EVERYTHING - plants, bugs, animals, humans, bacteria. Free Will is only given to us. That is our greatest gift. To 'love' or not to love. - ... _4387.html

Meanwhile, welcome aboard and good luck. (You could end up publishing a ground breaking book.)



- "The Origin and Domain of Consciousness" - ... ousness-2/

- "Gaia Hypothesis" -

- "Implicate and Explicate Order" - ... cate_order

- "I can tell there is no time or space any more. Time doesn’t make sense to me now. It feels stupid that I ever believed in time. I can feel myself melt into my surroundings. I can feel everything that ever existed before me and I can sense millions of years ahead. I can't explain it, but it's as if all of this knowledge was suddenly released and given to me. I suddenly know that ‘life’ will last forever, because I’m at the place that everything came from. I can feel it. This energy/place is so big that I know nothing can ever destroy or create it. It would be impossible. This thing I’m in, it must be ‘God.’ It is not a man or a creature dictating over the world. It is just a force that is an endless and infinitely powerful ‘thing.’ But again, the word ‘thing’ doesn’t do it justice. It is existence itself. It runs through everything; it is everything, from a stone to a drop of water, to a bacteria, to the stars in the sky and even ‘nothingness’. It is everything. I can feel it." - Aaron M NDE ( )

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Re: Animal NDEs

Post by Giulia » Tue Dec 05, 2017 8:57 am

Welcome, Max! And that was a really informative reply, Rey. Thanks! :P
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