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Timelessness in NDEs

Post by LWS » Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:13 pm

Hi everyone,

I have always wondered what its like when NDErs describe existing outside of time, and I was just curious if any of you who have had an experience could fill me in. This is my first post so if i posted this in the wrong place just let me know :D .
Thanks a bunch!

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Re: Timelessness in NDEs

Post by Rey » Thu Dec 29, 2016 7:56 pm

Welcome LWS,

In time there will be those who have actually experienced an NDE who will tell you of their experience in this matter.

But you dont have to wait.

Go immediately to the main NDERF home page (ie, http://www.nderf.org) and use the search capability (upper right)
to search the various NDE reports about this topic.

Use key words like "no time" or "time did not exist" or "no sense of time" , etc.

For example, here are extracts from a couple reports from a bunch which popped up right away using key search phrase "no time."

Time and space had no physicality, no validity. I'd call the whole thing as FREEDOM, the PERFECT FREEDOM,
which every person, I know, aspires to, fights for, and dreams.
- Anna_A_NDE


The feeling of happiness and complete understanding of everything of earth was known in a flash. I was home,
really home, nothing of earth was present, just me and information entering my mind, ESP is the best way to
describe it. A great feeling of I made it home at last. I knew what home sweet home meant. There is no time or
months and life is short and death is forever, endless.
- Shirley_R_Probable_NDE

http://www.nderf.org/NDERF/NDE_Experien ... le_nde.htm

Good luck & learn lots.



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Re: Timelessness in NDEs

Post by LWS » Thu Dec 29, 2016 10:09 pm

Thanks so much Rey. I didn't know you could search for specific NDEs, I thought that the search bar was only for subpages and not actual reports. I'll definitely check it out.

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Re: Timelessness in NDEs

Post by philipshadowfire » Thu Dec 29, 2016 11:12 pm

Hello LWS, to me time was not a verb but a noun, it was possible for me to walk all over time because it was frozen from beginning to end within a containment field. If you understand the quirky nature of a sub atomic particle in an undisturbed quantum field, that particle of matter does not seem to have any specified grid point within the field.

Since it does not have an assigned grid at any particular time, it appears to be everywhere and nowhere simultaneously to an outside observer. Try to think of it this way, if you were in a quantum field the people outside of your field would appear to be frozen in time, yet you could move all over the room to their frozen amazement. By moving in the room you would appear to be everywhere in the room to them and if they were to break your quantum field, Space and Time would fuse back together for one brief instant, so for one brief instant you would appear to be a snap shot picture figure to them and they can see where you were at during their picture of you the exact moment they broke your containment field.

This is a very hard concept for physicist to understand, but if you were to ever find yourself in that state of being it is really easy to see from a quantum point of view. At least that is what happened to me during my death quantum state of being and although I was aware of the time that was around me, it was irrelevant because I was in a totally different state of being and existence that was independent and separate from time.

One of the things I discovered about time is that it is not a constant linear forward motion that we are familiar with, but a collection from it's beginning to the very end of time that is all wrapped up within a point of singularity. Do you remember the Big Bang theory when time first came into play? Well from my experience the reality of our life is that we are still within the containment field of that beginning as well as outside of it now. We are both inside that containment field and outside of it as well. Inside the field we are vibrational frequencies that can be anywhere within the universe at our choosing, and at any time of our choosing, but outside the field we are 3 dimensional objects that are assigned a grid on Earth that is part of our Milky Way Galaxy! Time is a linear forward progression and we are subject to the theory of space/time that Einstein proposed in his General Relativity model.

Super String Theory plays a key role in understanding the Micro world with the Macro world we are from. The united smoking gun in understanding our true reality is that our entire expanding universe as large as it is, fits inside a higher dimensional structure that is so small it originates from the point of singularity our universe came from!

Where do I get this information from? by observing the instantaneous reaction of photon sub atomic particle A that is entangled with photon sub atomic particle B. Under Einstein General Relativity theory if the 2 particles of matter are separated from each other by 8 light seconds from one another there would be an 8 second delay when particle A begins to move. However that is not the case with entangled particles of matter, both would spin in opposite directions the exact moment one or the other entangled particle begins to move. Why is this possible? because the particles of matter have 2 realities: In our macro world of reality the distance is so great that there is a time ripple effect for the particles of matter to react, but in the micro world of reality where the two particles of matter are entangled/entwined, they are connected to a higher dimension that is so small it can not be detected by our means. Because this higher dimension is so small there is no distant between the particles of matter and that is why they have instantaneous reaction the moment one or the other particle begins to move.

If this revelation is too much to handle I will leave you with one more mind blowing scenario. Our universe is so large yet it fits inside this extremely small higher dimensional structure, its like having the eye of a very small needle that you can put our entire universe in! I just wish you could have seen what I experienced because as complicated as this is it's formula can be broken down as easily as E=MC2.

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Re: Timelessness in NDEs

Post by Visitor » Wed Jan 11, 2017 4:36 am

Have you not ever been so absorbed by something that captured your attention so strongly that time just flew?

Thats a bit what its like in dimensions without time.

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