Don't Drink and Drive

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Don't Drink and Drive

Post by Jem7 » Sun Dec 28, 2014 4:30 pm

[centre]LINK: Charles G NDE[/centre]

It was December 31, 1983 on New Year’s Eve. I was with two of my best friends celebrating at one of their homes to ring in the New Year. We were down in the basement, complete with full bar and pool table. To our delight, the bar was fully stocked with a variety of liquor to satisfy a couple of curious young adults out to have a fun-filled evening. My friend's parents were out of the house, so we were free to indulge to our heart’s content. This was my first experimentation with alcohol and in no time at all, I was completely ‘wasted’ as they say. As it was time to call it a night, one friend had left a bit earlier on foot and ‘sober’ as far as I was concerned. My remaining friend declared that I was much too drunk to leave on my own and declared that he was the more sober of the two of us. So, it was decided that he would drive me home. I was in no shape to argue whether he was or wasn't fit to drive. Off we went!

As we headed down the street our vehicle had struck a parked car and I was thrown slightly forward, not wearing a seat belt. I simply uttered, ‘Hey, watch where you’re driving.’ I didn't live that far from my friend's house, so I figured he would get me home, both safe and sound, in no time. The car proceeded to hit any car that was parked in close proximity and swerving around the block. We were approaching a stop sign but he never found the brakes. The car struck the stop sign with great force. My friend's foot seemed to be glued to the accelerator and the car kept racing up and down the pole of the sign. I was being tossed around the front seat of the car like a rag-doll.

It felt like I was caught up in some kind of vortex just ‘spinning.’ Next thing I knew, my mind was ‘floating’ in space. I was above a car wreck looking down at a policewoman trying to communicate with me. I said aloud to myself, ‘What kind of dream is this’? ‘This can't be happening. I'm on some weird trip.’ I was amazed at how patient and caring the officer was to the drunken passenger in the car. ‘Boy, she is really being nice to him’, I thought.

Next thing I knew, I was surrounded in darkness, perhaps in a tunnel. I don't really know. There was a very loud disturbing, buzzing sound, like a train or something that I couldn't really make it out to be. I attempted to cover my ears but I wasn't really aware of my body or anything of substance. I started walking through this tunnel but I was not alone. Someone was walking with me and took my hand. I guess I still have a body of some sorts. I looked up to see the visage of whom I was walking with. ‘Wow, oh my God, wow, what am I looking at?’ It was a rather tall being of some sort. A fluorescent light bulb best describes the countenance of what I was gazing upon. He had the deepest set of sea-blue eyes that I have ever seen and was dressed in a white robe with a blue sash running across the body. This magnificent being appeared to be male with a long braided ponytail, tied with a blue ribbon bow at its end. I felt shame while once again viewing the car accident scene where I was repeatedly telling the officer that I wasn't drunk! I held my head down and was having a telepathic conversation with the being. I was drunk and I felt great remorse. The interesting thing is that I was the judge and jury here. All I felt from this ‘angel’ was complete love and an indescribable bliss.

As we continued to walk through the tunnel, my sense of awareness was like never before. I felt some sort of imprint in the palm of this being. I turned the hand over and saw a hole. I felt overwhelming compassion and love to the point that I felt as if I was going to combust. The being said, ‘This is what they did to me.’ I was like, ‘Why, oh why? How could this happen to such as you?’ I looked up to see the face of him once again. Much to my surprise, I was no longer looking at the beautiful celestial being that was walking with me hand in hand. His face now was more olive in complexion, with a very dark tan. His eyes were a deep dark brown, but there was a mesmerizing sparkle in his eyes that blazed of fire. He said to me that there were evil people in the world. I stood behind him and his robe dropped midway to his back where I saw more scars.

All of a sudden, the scenery changed and we were in a beautiful vibrant garden of multicolored flowers. He smiled and laughed, as I was like a child rolling in the grass for the first time. Then it was back to darkness again. He stood there and raised his hands. Bright, blinding light was filling the tunnel. I looked towards the light and saw another being on a chariot riding up in the clouds.

Next thing I knew, I was in the back seat of a car in front of my home. I got out and attempted to walk up the steps but fell into a snowdrift. Eventually, I came to and made it into my house. My bedroom was upstairs. I fell going up the stairs but felt no pain. I fell on top of my bed and was out like a light. The next day my friend walked over to see me. He said that his car wasn't drive-able. He said that he had been in the hospital with a concussion. I told him that, ‘I know; I saw the ambulance take you there.’ I said, ‘I had the weirdest dream where a nice policewoman was helping me.’ My friend looked at me strangely and said, ‘That was no dream! That was officer B who happens to be friends with my parents. She drove you home, not me.’

I was dumbfounded. I asked my friend if anything strange had happened to him and he said, ‘No, why?’ I told him that I saw everything that had happened. I was a witness to the accident. I didn't feel a thing but I saw it from a few feet above the ground in great detail. I wasn't taken to the hospital but I saw him being taken there. I went on to give more details and he could only say, ‘How could you have known that?’

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