Did I choose my life on Earth?

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Did I choose my life on Earth?

Post by andrey » Tue Mar 28, 2017 4:06 am

I wonder if my soul existed even before I was born? If yes, did I choose to experience this life on Earth?

Also, when I die and I'll then be in the "heaven", will I be there forever? Or will I have an option to be born on Earth again as a different person? If this is true, then this is actually reincarnation, isn't it?

But I'm asking this, because life on Earth is difficult and I would rather like to stay in the heaven forever.

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Re: Did I choose my life on Earth?

Post by Giulia » Tue Mar 28, 2017 6:41 am

Welcome, Andrey :F

As far as I am aware the idea of linear-time reincarnation (that is the idea that we may live a number of lives one after the other, in sequence) might have been conceived to somehow escape the responsibilities involved by fully living in the here and now. Based on my understanding, also as a result of reading many NDEs, linear time as we know it does not exist beyond this physical plane, and if we live several lives in different historical periods/planes of existence/dimensions, they might well be described as all happening simultaneously.

The fact that we might have pre-birth memories (as I have had) needn't mean that the facts we remember belong to time as we know it, at least as far as I can understand. Based on my understanding, they appear to belong to a time "before" this life, simply because they belong "beyond" this life.

What I am most curious about, though, are memories of the future. Maybe clairvoyant visions are exactly that.

About choosing one's life, again based on my experience and understanding, I get the feeling we might choose some "aspects", but are unaware of what they will truly entail (such as misery, separation, death, pain, sickness, etc.), and this is confirmed by many NDErs who say they have to promise to forget about the beauty of heaven in order to be allowed back here.

It's lovely to have you here! Enjoy :F
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Re: Did I choose my life on Earth?

Post by ZenTzu » Wed Mar 29, 2017 10:42 pm

Hello Andrey and welcome :) As far as I am aware, as Souls prior to being born, we do indeed choose our lives, our siblings and along with our Soul siblings we also choose our parents. I agree with Giulia that the Soul can also be in different dimensions simultaneously. We are here to learn our lessons and if we do not learn what we set out to, I believe we must come back and do it all over again until we do, albeit in a different body. I have often told my Mother that she will most definitely be coming back :D I have been told, and feel, that I am an old Soul, and probably will not be obligated to come back unless I choose to for some reason.
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Re: Did I choose my life on Earth?

Post by andrey » Fri Apr 07, 2017 5:58 am

Thank you for your welcomes and replies.

If you believe that your soul can be 2 persons at the same time, I wonder what would happen if these 2 persons meet each other?

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Re: Did I choose my life on Earth?

Post by Marguy » Fri Apr 07, 2017 6:44 am

andrey wrote:If you believe that your soul can be 2 persons at the same time, I wonder what would happen if these 2 persons meet each other?
I had a translation of an NDE, where the experiencer met a whole bunch of 'souls' or 'persons' of his previous lives. Apparently they all belonged together to an 'oversoul' or formed together a kind of 'oversoul' (don't remember well) but still kept their individuality. I don't remember the name of the account anymore.

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Re: Did I choose my life on Earth?

Post by Precaud » Tue Apr 18, 2017 8:11 am

Dear Andrey,

These questions you ask are typical of ones that arise at the beginning of the journey. As you go along, I think you'll find that most of them can't really be answered precisely in the way they were asked. They are a hodgepodge of concepts and assumptions for which you have no definite experience yet. I don't mean that as a put-down. It's just what happens when the mind runs ahead of the rest of you developmentally, which is its nature and a good thing.

Here's a different perspective. Instead of taking these questions at face value, explore in depth some of the ingredients in them. Use them to reflect on your own nature, the nature of life, and of human life within it.

: First and foremost, look into this sense of "I", what it refers to, who or what it is. Consider the possibility that it is not just one thing, but a multiplicity of I's, most of which have no idea or interest in the other ones. See if you can locate your "real, permanent" I.

Example: "Did I choose" and "When I die". One of these I's dies, while the other survives death and chooses. Obviously, these do not refer to the same thing. And yet we talk about them as if they are. Explore the dissonance in this.

: Soul, heaven, reincarnation, forever, choice outside of incarnate life, etc. I would suggest not to get too hung up on these ideas, and other unanswerable questions. These are the "retail" concepts of so-called "spirituality", and they are loaded up with highly speculative material, institutionalized misunderstandings, the longing to get beyond personal discomforts, a mishmash of disparate wishes and motivations. Once you have a clearer sense of "I" then the nature of these questions will change.

Example: Forever. We know that is a fanciful, extreme concept. There is no such thing as forever. Everything is finite, cyclic, relative, and constantly changing. Seeing things in terms of forever is a mistake.

: Take a balanced approach to your own growth and development. Favor "integration" over "spirituality". Mind, feelings, body: You need them all working in harmony. Take good care of them. They each have different needs. They are your "vehicles", of expression *and* sensitivity. Attend to pain and difficulty where it exists, so that part of you can be re-integrated. An integrated being will see, feel, and sense things more clearly.


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