Vibrational Resonance

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Vibrational Resonance

Post by Rey » Mon Nov 02, 2015 1:22 am

The concept of vibrational attraction has been tested in a scientific setting, including studies by quantum biologist Dr. Vladimir Poponin, who created a vacuum in a container. The only objects left were the photons - light particles, which were measured and found to be randomly distributed .... until Poponin introduced physical DNA into the container. The photons then lined up in orderly fashion, precisely in alignment with the DNA. Once the DNA was removed, the photons remained in the order of the DNA.

The end result was surprising, suggesting a resonance between the photons and the DNA, even after they were separated.

If we can speculate that there exists and underlying pattern or structure to reality that manifests on the visible scale, a field of essence, of pure vibrating energy present throughout space and time, then we may also speculate upon the nature of this field and what might happen when those vibrations occur in a synchronized state, the way guitars in a music shop will hum "in sync" to create a harmonic convergence of sound.

Ref: "DNA BioComputer Reprogramming"

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