God and the Afterlife:

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God and the Afterlife:

Post by Garry » Mon Sep 05, 2016 2:41 pm

God and the Afterlife:

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“Our situation regarding NDEs is similar to the way humanity learned of exotic lands during the ancient era of exploration. After sailors returned from long voyages and wrote their accounts, scholars would survey multiple accounts from different voyagers, discern where they agreed or disagreed, and come up with the most likely descriptions of the geography, culture, rituals, and traditions of a particular exotic land. We are in a similar position today when it comes to the world of the afterlife.
“Near-death experiences are surprisingly common. A Gallup poll found that about 5 percent of those surveyed had an NDE at some time during their lives. From this and other surveys, we believe that millions of people around the world have had near-death experiences. In recent times those numbers have increased, largely because resuscitation techniques have greatly improved. People who previously would have died are now being saved due to advances in medical equipment and better training for emergency personnel. These life-saving measures would be expected to result in a higher incidence of NDEs than ever before.
“Remarkably, the content of near-death experiences is strikingly consistent. Even after rigorously studying NDEs for over fifteen years, I still marvel at how amazingly similar these experiences are regardless of the experiencers’ age, cultural beliefs, education, or geographical location.
“By comparing these accounts, we begin to see a coherent picture of this other world. For example, one striking aspect of these accounts, which we will explore more fully later in this book, is the consistency with which a divine is described. Those who report meeting a divine being generally portray God as someone who radiates incredible love, light, grace, and acceptance. This is not religious dogma or theology, but one of the most consistent claims of multiple individuals who have encountered a heavenly being. In other words, people are not merely stating or projecting their religious yearnings or beliefs, but, like the explorers of old, are describing an entity they have encountered. The fact that they describe these encounters so similarly gives us confidence that they have, indeed, met the same Being.”
— Pages 2,3
God and the Afterlife: The Groundbreaking New Evidence for God and Near-Death Experience
By Jeffrey Long, Paul Perry
Published by HarperOne on June 28, 2016
http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/ ... 48/nhne-20
See also: http://the-formula.org/book-god-and-the-afterlife/

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Re: God and the Afterlife:

Post by ano1 » Mon Sep 05, 2016 10:54 pm

Nice interview. Intelligent questions.

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Re: God and the Afterlife:

Post by DennisMe » Tue Sep 06, 2016 1:48 am

The book is a good read too! Very interesting.

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