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Kindle cloud reader

Post by Garry » Fri Jan 29, 2016 5:27 am

As I was browsing the web I found, this page advertising a book for sale,

Consciousness Beyond Life The Science of the Near-Death Experience
by Pim van Lommel.
That is the link to the page

Also , what I found particularly interesting was that the preview of the book was a full 2 chapters and that those 2 chapters held a very large amount of information about how the study of NDE's began .

( on a personal note )

That information alone , to me, was just as interesting as actually reading ( well written ) NDE's

So I have included the link to the preview of the book also, here in my post for anybody, who just want to jump right in and start reading.

[centre]Direct Link to the Preview[/centre]

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