No One Together-Point of Know Return

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No One Together-Point of Know Return

Post by RobertS » Sat May 06, 2017 5:51 pm

As I said in the last post I will share what became of the discussion on the song "No One Together" by the group KANSAS. First, I must​ tell you about what brought me back to add posts for additional songs. It's important because this relates to that song and it's what can link us all together!
I am here because my prayers have been answered! I am sharing because of prayer. But wait, Why should Prayer be included in a discussion about Music in this forum you might ( and Me too at times) ask? I believe that it has more reason to be explored than we might think. And because it's a long post, I hope (actually I'm Praying) that you continue reading and give me a chance to show you how it does. I am sharing all of this because we don't realize that some of the Music and Songs that we love to listen to are really Prayers or advocating Prayer being sung by the Artists who write and record them. What! You Don't Believe It? And What makes my opinion right and not just my truth and interpretation of the lyrics? It's a fair question that I've had to answer many times. The Truth is, for some songs it's only my opinion which I, and I hope that you will too, come to accept by Faith.
But there are some songs that I would like to show you that the lyrics can be only one thing.
Ever hear of the group Mr Mister? Well the first song that I heard of theirs was when they were voted the best new recording artist of the year and played their song on the "Grammy Awards Show" in the late 1980s. It was a little Diddy called "Kyrie". I was blown away. To understand why, you would have to been born earlier than 1960. While the media then were trying to figure out the meaning of the song, I once heard Casey Casem say that Kyrie meant Peace. I already knew that it was the begining of a prayer sung during the Mass when it was said in Latin. The Mass changed to English and other common languages in the mid 60s. I knew this because as a child in parochial school I was compelled to sing the Mass in Latin. Thank You Sister Leonie McTague​ SCC and the Sisters of Christian Charity. Even the begining of the song mimics the Prayer. The Group starts chanting the words repetitively like you would have heard at an authentic Catholic Mass of the time. "Kyrie Eleison" which translates to "Lord Have Mercy" truly is a Prayer even with Mr. Mister's own take! There are other songs we can explore later, which include George Michaels who recently passed away sang "Praying For Time" and many others. Like Rick Springfield's "Speak to The Sky", Carlyle Simon with "Let The River Run", and (for a bit of controversy) Madonna in the beginning of "Like a Prayer" which starts with ,if you listen closely, a query in a bit of a whisper to find and call on "God". Also recently in the present season of Saturday Night Live, a country artist singing a song called "My Church" and a rapper who's lyrics truly containing his belief in his Faith. I need to research the last two a bit more. But I hope that you get the idea.
So back to how Prayer is moving what I do. I am not trying to sell anyone on an idea of praying to a particular belief in any certain Religion or God. With the different religions throughout the world each individual with a little faith is probably comfortable praying within their belief system. My belief in prayer and sharing this is for those who don't believe in prayer or who question belief in something greater than us that we have access to and are able to petition in times of need. I have prayed many times​ for Inspiration about how I can share my knowledge of music.
What I find that motivates me is feedback and questions about music. It is so important that is why I enlisted some help. Discussion with the contact person of a Prayer Group (Maureen B) helped me fine tune this post attends the same Church I do. I feel that there I have been Graced to find some new friends. So, some time ago I asked her and the group she prays with to pray for my intentions, for New Opportunities to share the messages I hear in music with others. And believe it or not, It Worked. Prayers do work! How do I know that? My wife and I moved to the country early in our marriage and joined a small to medium RC Church then after my STE I prayed intensely to find an Opportunity to become a member of a much larger Faith community which happened and in the years that followed I gained tremendous insight about sharing my gift. I started out sharing what certain songs meant to me but found greater satisfaction in guiding others to realize what a song ment to them. Next, I learned that when I was helped by someone that it's important give them recognition and the thanks that they deserve. There's a shortage of that in our world today. I also realized that sharing what is in music is a much larger task than one person can handle alone. Now I pray that others may be guided by the Spirit to learn, accept and fearlessly share the messages of Faith and Hope contained in modern music, especially a most Profound Message.
So now it seems that I am back at​ the same place I started at but this time with some very powerful help. Also, This group will be glad to offer prayers for anyone and any situation. Maureen is a spiritual leader and will keep all requests confidential, if desired. Contact via email to .
In the process I have gained insight into a few songs that I've had problems with understanding for a long time. I also found the way to share this story about Prayer.
Finally I've shared the song "No One Together" with numerous people and there seems to be some consensus that the first part of it sounds like a pessimistic half empty glass song. The lines; thru the centuries nothing has changed. "We consume it all yet still we lack". There's nothing but chaos and strife shared. With the current situation of the world, are they singing about us? It could be about something the Band or all of our civilization is experiencing now which is my view of the song. But the last part seems to hold Hope for us all. We can't find what we are searching for, in men. Searching for wealth won't allow us to grow within. A somewhat optimistic change to a half full glass. Somewhere along the line KANSAS saw the possibility of something changing us to become unified that makes the differences we have less devicive and makes us aware that "We're All Together".
What could that be? In between the two sections is an upbeat instrumental interlude that I think suggests that Music is somehow involved. I also believe that it could be knowing something and believing in that enough to share with others and getting them to believe as well. Could prayer and praying be the possible uniting factor of growing within KANSAS sings about? Many people believe that when you sing that you are praying twice
Thinking about this I remembered another KANSAS song which I liked but seemed to be an enigma to me. The title contradicts the album art. "Point Of Know Return" is not like most songs that I talk about. This is because when we say the song's title it evokes the thought pictured in the album art. It's of a sailing ship of the Middle Ages. It's about any explorers nightmare. It's about the risk that Christopher Columbus took in changing the World. And it is about the false belief at the time that we shouldn't go far beyond our comfort zone to explore new things lest we would be lost in an abyss. But the title' s spelling of (No/Know) actually contradicts that belief. Usually the the Lyrics are veiled or somehow changed . And the Album art says more what the artist really wants to say. Also the previous song had contained two opposing thoughts. But it was necessary for both to be addressed so we might better ourselves. Does this one ask the same from it's listeners ? I have much more to say about the connection between the two KANSAS songs in my next post. And another song connection brought about by a comment and challenge. I'll leave you with the lyrics of " Point Of Know Return". Are We Together or not? And did I not prove to you that Prayer works? Remember, in the beginning of this I prayed that you would continue to read and let me prove that Prayer works. If it didn't work, you wouldn't be reading this at the end of the article! Would You? PEACE

Point of Know Return
I heard the men saying something
The captains tell they pay you well
And they say they need sailing men to
Show the way and leave today
Was it you that said, "How long?"
They say the sea turns so dark that
You know it's time, you see the sign
They say the point demons guard is
An ocean grave for all the brave
Was it you that said, "How long, how long
How long to the point of know return?"
Your father, he said he needs you
Your mother, she said she loves you
Your brothers, they echo the words
"How far to the point of know return?"
"Well, how long?"
Today I found a message floating
In the sea from you to me
You wrote that when you could see it
You cried with fear, the point was near
Was it you that said
"How long to the point of know return?"

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