Power of Prayer / Group Idea

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Power of Prayer / Group Idea

Post by nurselady » Sat Dec 20, 2014 9:17 am

I am a 62 yrs old and had my NDE experience when I had died at age 5. I don't really remember my life prior to the experience and so only know I have always been different as a result. As a result of the NDE I have always wondered why was I brought back? It is not my time yes but Why am I needed here?I attend a group called IANDS (the letters stand for Interanational Association for Near Death Studies) monthly in Evanston Illinois and I find comfort hearing the speakers who have had an experience and how it has affected them.I somehow feel less weird as a result of their experiences. I have gone many times and have found some similarities in the stories.

To me the similarity is the experience of love.A feeling of love, a knowing we are an integral part of the universe to share love.In my life I have organized a total of three prayer summits as I have always felt that combining the love felt from prayer and presence of others praying with you is a powerful thing.To create the summits basically what I did was I visited various local religious leaders and asked if they would come and pray for peace in the way their religion would have them pray. 1)this increases an understanding of their perspective religion for each attendee and 2) affords the attendee a chance to see that there is a common thread in all religions and that is the love of spirit,God,Yahweh,Allah etc.( whatever is applicable in their life). I have felt it is a little something I can do to help change the world.

The purpose of this blog is last week I had attended the Evanston IANDS and the NDERF organizer was the speaker. I had told her that I wish I could have a peace summit with the those who have had the near death experience as they seem to have so much love power. She said she supports that idea too and I thought maybe others would help me realize this vision. Maybe I am not the only one to have this vision. To me that would make a powerful difference in the world.Spirit keeps pushing me forward so I have written to you all for help. If we could get individuals to ask their groups or friends to come together with me to prayer for world peace.

Utilizing this tremendous resource to me could actually change the course of events throughout the world. Think about some of the terrorists activity,gang activity,assault against women and children, hunger, ebola,Aids and the list goes on and on around the world. I can get dizzy thinking about it. But although I know these are big issues I also know that God is bigger than that. That this is a world created by spirit and I feel we all have within us that spark of divinity. I would like to have this summit April 11th via teleconference to all who wish to participate around the world.This will not be so much a religious thing but a spiritual thing to encompass all religions. Calling all angels can you help me achieve my vision?Love to all Debbi..Nurselady815@yahoo.com

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Re: Power of Prayer / Group Idea

Post by LifeReview » Sat Dec 20, 2014 11:49 am

Hi nurselady,

Welcome to the forum. It's nice that you got to meet Jody at the local IANDS meeting. I'm sure her talk was good!

Regarding your post and group prayer idea:

I moved your post and organized the formatting a little bit it in order to make it easier to read.
As far as group prayer, and similarities between religions, you may enjoy searching for the term 'perennial philosophy' -the strand of truth in everything.

Some people might prefer the terms energy work, group intention, meditation, etc., over the term prayer, but it's a personal decision for everyone. You might like to read up on the Global Consciousness Project.

Have you submitted your NDE to the NDERF database? They have a good questionnaire.

Best Wishes!