Energy Healing

Out-of-Body Experience
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Energy Healing

Post by suzy » Tue Dec 02, 2014 1:49 am

This experience happened around six months ago and I am still a bit perplexed. I never ever thought of OBE before, but I suppose that this is what happened to me. Let me explain and any feedback/insight and comments are more than welcome! :D

For about six months prior to this experience I had a strange sensation in my right arm, I went through all the "theories" on what it was and tried various things to make it better. The sensation, I will call a nerve thing, was random and would happen at any time without any warning. Sometimes, I could not even lift a coffee cup and then it would just go away. Believe me, I tried, message, foods and recording, vitamins of various sorts etc...nothing. Then it started in my left arm as well. Dang.

One night I went to sleep as normal, and I meditate before sleeping. In the middle of the night, all I could see was black and my mind thinking, okay....just line up with your liver, turn a ya go! Then, I felt myself go back into my body. wow, for me it was strange and I was observing the situation. Then at that very moment, my minds eye saw a nerve cell (you know like what you would see in a microscope) and I felt this electrical surge through my right arm going up and down. I was aware. I felt at peace, needed to sleep for work the next day, went to work and life was normal.

After a few days, I realized that I had not had that strange sensation in my arms any longer. To this day, six months later, it is all gone! wow.

I did not see myself laying on my bed, nor did I feel like I was floating, or anything like that. Just the fact that I needed to line up with my liver. and then a going into my body sensation. any comments?

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Re: Energy Healing

Post by Jem7 » Mon Dec 15, 2014 3:37 pm

Hi Suzy,
It sounds like you had some kind of spontaneous or spiritual healing in your arm. Congratulations!

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