being born again.

Out-of-Body Experience
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being born again.

Post by bryce1984 » Thu Feb 09, 2017 4:10 pm

my name is bryce. on august 29, 2004 i was at my friend todds house we were watching a movie about creation vs evolution. i only watched this movie because i wanted to hang out with todd. he told me he was an evangelist. i said i didnt care i was trying to focus on jesus more. then he said i could come over but id better shut up. after 20 minutes i was arguing with the tv, he reminded me to shut up. ithen i watched it in peace. after an hour i was hooked on the subject material. being intrieged to hear more. after it was all done i felt i had answered all the questions i ever had about jesus and the bible. the man on the video said the prayer to salvation through jesus christ. and i said it with him truly inviting him into my heart. i admitted i was a sinner, i admitted jesus was the savior, and i asked his forgiveness for my sins. all of a sudden i saw myself all covered in wire, it went into my mouth my ears my butt my eyes, all around on ever millimeter of my skin. the wires led up to a semi truck over me, fully loaded with wire. i realized that this was my sin bearing down on me, and i had to bear it, although i could not bear it. i felt hopeless. all of a sudden it just fell through me and i felt free of all greif, pain, depression, fear, and misery. i saw a whirlwind whirling into me, and it implanted something into me. that i beleive was the incorruptable seed of the lord. then i assended up and up into the clouds. i saw the gates and a golden glow of the clouds. there was angelic singing and trumpets blowing. the gates opened for me and i floated in. i saw light everywhere. it was an open area i was not alone, although i could not see the presence it was very real. it was god. he guided me toward a door, i entered and saw a candlestick and a book on a pedestle. when i entered the candlestick lit up. then my name started to be recorded in the book. i realized that this was the lambs book of life. the letters just appeared on the page. one by one they spelled my name no pen. after that i was ushered to a pillar like area across from what i thought was the judgment hall. i saw many people, and they came up to me with such joy wich was abundant in this place more love than i could feel in my human body. it was awesome, these people happened to be my ansesters and relatives. not everyone made it there, but it was sparatic who was there. they said that they all prayed the prayer of salvation to jesus christ, and thats how they were there. this was indeed heaven. ive never before or after felt the awesomeness of the love i experienced when i was there. after i was done talking with everyone, the angels said i had to go back to my body to spread the gospel. i was happy to do it. i decended back to earth. saw my friend todds house, fell into the house. saw my body in the chair where i prayed. fell into my body, and boy oh boy what joy i had. i smiled and turned to todd and was going to tell him. but he said "What the hell did you just do?" i said i gave my life to jesus. i started going to church, reading the bible and made lots of christian friends. although todd didnt approve. i still follow christ, and smile when i think on my time in heaven. i think i was in some kind of time paradox because todd acted like i just did that, but i was gone for a while talking with people in heaven.

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Re: being born again.

Post by Giulia » Wed Feb 15, 2017 2:54 am

Hi, Bryce, and welcome. Do have a look around and make yourself at home.

Have you ever thought of sharing your experience here by filling in the questionnaire?
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