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Psychic Connection

Post by Jem7 » Sun Sep 14, 2014 2:56 pm

from: Lisa N (bolds and formatting added). LINK: Lisa N's After Death Communication

One night I went to bed late. In the early morning hours I experienced a vivid dream (out of body experience). In this dream I saw a good friend of mine. We seemed to be somewhere in the non-physical realm, I saw pleasant light and felt peaceful in the place. My friend appeared to me and seemed to have a very dark and depressed energy in his being.

He seemed to convey to me without words that he made a big mistake and something was terribly wrong. The light around his spirit seemed dark and heavy. I was not worried though, I immediately heard my self telling him that everything would be alright and that he would be okay. I repeated this a few times and then woke up. It was very early in the morning and I worried that something had possibly happened to my friend, but figured it was just a dream.

A few days later this same friend called and informed me that he had overdosed on Methadone, someone had given it to him and he took two pills. I had always tried to get him to stop using drugs and alcohol to no avail. After he took the pills, he went to lay on a couch in the living room. He went into respiratory arrest and another person at the house tried to do CPR and called 911. He coded and "died" at the hospital but they were able to bring him back.

This happened to him at exactly the same day and time he came to me in a dream and told me something terrible had happened and that he made a big mistake. I conclude that upon dying temporarily, he came to me via the astral plane looking for help or comfort. I had no fear for him when he came and seemed to be sure that he was going to be okay, although I don't know how I knew this.

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