My experience at a Spiritist meeting to help the discarnated

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My experience at a Spiritist meeting to help the discarnated

Post by bfoster5705 » Sat Jul 19, 2014 3:55 pm

I was at a Medium's meeting at the Seara Fraterna Spiritual Center in Rio de Janeiro, in July 2014.

I was a meeting to help discarnated spirits. The process is to help spirits living in a state of unbalance. This is not a type of medium meeting where spirits from deceased family members, etc are communicated with to ease the pain of still living family.

Andre Luiz dictated a book on how to conduct disobsession meetings.In the book he explains the exact process, roles, and training required to accomplish this great mission of mercy.

The meetings are all done by volunteers who mostly work during the day and then they meet at night to help our discarnated brothers and sisters, who need assistance to regain their facilities so they are able to get back on the path to improve themselves.

For those of you that have read Andre Luiz's books, such as The Messengers or Workers of the Life Eternal, what I witnessed at the meeting followed the pattern of disobsession medium meetings in the books quite closely.

The meeting started with one of the persons saying a prayer to start the meeting. Next, the mediums talked about their experiences since the last meeting. After the previous information was digested, one of the mediums read passages from one of the spiritist books. They kept their discussions and readings to a strict timetable.

At the appointed hour, the lights were dimmed and the mediums, heads bowed in silence, awaited the first contact. There were papers and pens ready at the table to receive any written messages. There are two types of mediums at the meeting. A trance medium, is the one the spirit connects with and speaks through their voice.The other type of medium is the counselor medium, who engages in conversation with the spirit.

A male trance medium started talking, all conversations were in Portuguese, in which I am not totally competent, therefore I may misrepresent some situations.

The trance medium started shaking and then he said, "Untie me! Untie me! Why am I restrained?"

A counselor medium came over to sit by the trance medium and put his hand on the trance medium's arm and said," Please calm down, calm down, everything will be fine."

The spirit kept yelling to be free, finally the counselor medium told the spirit to go back to sleep and try to contact the group another day when he was able to communicate.

Another episode was when a women spirit talking through a female trance medium. Immediately she began complaining about her life in general.

"How could someone study, go to school, be educated, and wishing to be a good wife and yet spend a long time locked in her own house by her husband. And if that is not enough, her husband then marked her face with a red-hot iron. He burned all of my face."

Then she cried and said she was sad. She seemed to believe her face was still disfigured, even thought she has left her physical body.

Next her husband possessed another trance medium and he said, "I feel very terrible I did this, but you know during those times the husband totally owned his wife."

I immediately thought; this must be a couple from many years ago, when women had no rights.

The counselor medium told him, "I understand your regret."

The husband responded, "Yes, you are right. All I want is her forgiveness. I am very regretful."

This is a very tragic situation, the wife lives in constant anger of what was done to her and the husband can not move on due to his realization of his horrible behavior. Her absolute anger is understandable, but it reached a point that her negative thoughts are detrimental to her own health. Who knows how many decades both have been merely existing in this twilight zone. They seemed locked in the lower regions, unable to progress through forgiveness and love.

The last case I will try to summarize is a male spirit who came and told everyone at the meeting how hypocritical and stupid we all are. Then he said, "All of you are fools, you think you are superior to us?"

"No, we don't think that, we just want to give you help and love", the counselor medium replied.

"Who are you to give love. Only Jesus reached the high level of love, no one else.", he said in a loud voice.

"We are here in empathy to learn, how about you?", said the counselor medium, trying to find the key to start a constructive dialog.

He thought for a while and said, "Do you think we also don't have empathy. I have love within my group"

"Are you happy with your life?" asked the medium.

"I accept my life the way it is.", he replied

The counselor medium, sensing he was not open to any type of positive conversation, told him, "OK, so why are you here? If you don't want to listen, then I will have to ask you to let others come."

Then he laughed and left.

The meeting was like this for the entire two hours, short dialogs with spirits who required assistance. Some spirits, we were told, would come back many times. All spirits were directed to the meeting by spirits from the higher regions attempting to help those trapped by negative emotions or many other causes. Meetings such as these are just one way lost souls are comforted and guided to get back to the path of improvement.

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Re: My experience at a Spiritist meeting to help the discarn

Post by Jem7 » Sun Jul 20, 2014 5:13 pm

Hi Brian,

That's very interesting. To some people, it may sound crazy, weird or dangerous, but I think we need to keep an open mind to learn and we need the main thing -DISCERNMENT.

I am wondering if anyone discussed forgiving others with the injured lady.
Also, the later spirit (who laughed and mocked) sounded like it could have been a non-human energy parasite. Did anyone mention that it might not be a human and that it might be evil?

BTW, for anyone reading this... Brian's NW spiritism web site has interesting articles and Brian is an excellent writer. You can agree or disagree that seances are a good idea (many feel it's not a good idea), but I think we're fortunate that Brian is so knowledgeable and is willing to share what he knows.

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Re: My experience at a Spiritist meeting to help the discarn

Post by Garry » Mon Jul 21, 2014 5:27 am

i myself am not interested in what he is talking about , but I do agree we are fortunate to have him here and that he shares as much as he does .

Brian is an excellent writer and he has some interesting stuff as I do scan most of his writing


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Re: My experience at a Spiritist meeting to help the discarn

Post by bfoster5705 » Wed Jul 23, 2014 7:23 am

Thanks for you compliments. And yes, this is all very strange. Sometimes I feel that believing in Star Wars "The Force" is much easier than Spiritism. Because, while most of us think of a far-off Higher power than is only, vary rarely, interested in what we do, Spiritism brings that guidance and interference much closer to us. Far into our comfort zone.

As far as the woman is concerned, the mediums at the meeting know that these spirits are brought into the room by good spirits who are trying to help them. I believe that the fact that the troubled spirits are even talking to us in the physical world helps them to open up to the advice of the other spirits. Therefore, the lady in question will next be more willing to talk with others of her kind and to learn to forgive.

As far as the one who laughed, as mentioned in some of Andre Luiz's book, there are many spirits trapped here on earth who reject the love and caring hands of the higher spirits. They believe themselves to mentally superior to all others. These are the types of spirits who will be reincarnated, with a plan of the higher Spirit world's choosing, while for most of us, we take an active role in planning out our next life to maximize our ability to learn.

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