My most Amazing ADC

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My most Amazing ADC

Post by MysterySeeker » Sun Mar 19, 2017 3:39 pm

This ADC might be my most amazing ADC. It does not involve Scott, rather it involves my Mom who was alive at the time, and the spirit that came to visit her or take her away, one night, 6 days before my Mom died. So I’m not really sure if this is an ADC or a death-bed vision, but it did not happen real close to my Mom’s death, so perhaps it is an ADC.

I looked after my Mom in her home for several months before she died with the help of the Home Care nurses who came by 3 times a day to help. We did palliative care for my bed-ridden Mom up until she died at home.

Six days before my Mom died, I heard my Mom trying to shout in her room at about 1 a.m. My Mom had been sleeping a lot the last week before she died, with her organs shutting down, so this was unusual.

When I heard my Mom, I got out of my bed, stood up and entered the hallway. And as soon as I did, I could strongly sense that there was a spirit in my Mom’s room with her. My first reaction was to run away, but my quick second reaction was that I had to go into my Mom’s room, because my Mom was bed-ridden and totally defenseless, so I had to go help her.

As soon as I entered my Mom’s room, I could strongly sense this adult female spirit, taking up half the room with her presence. By taking up half the room, think of the spirit as a fog, that is occupying half the room. When the spirit saw me, it acted surprised/shocked and backed right out of the room and left. So I essentially scared the spirit away, lol … whoda thought that could happen? It never happened to me before that night.

My Mom though, was half-sitting up in her bed because of the freight she’d experienced. Again, since my Mom was dying and was sleeping a lot, she did not have the ability to half sit up in her bed by herself at that point. So I calmed my Mom down and got her to lay down, and then she asked me not to leave her. So I sat by her bedside for 2 or 3 hours until she fell asleep again. It was the last chance I ever had to visit with my Mom while she was awake before she died 6 days later.

My Mom immediately asked me if the woman had left, and I said yes. And since my Mom was willing to talk about this for a minute I asked her if she recognized who the woman was, and she said no. I did not recognize the woman either, and my Mom had 3 sisters who died before her as well as her own Mom, and other women friends and relatives too, but neither my Mom nor I recognized the woman. But my Mom did recognize that the spirit was a woman, like I did.

Immediately after that my Mom went into denial that it was a spirit, and instead referred to her as a real-life woman who had intruded into our home. My Mom was weak and dying, and I was not going to argue with her, and perhaps scare her or upset her again, so I just agreed. I had never told my Mom of any of my previous ADCs, so she had no idea that this event was sort of “run of the mill” for me. However, it was my first unknown spirit that I had encountered. When I encountered the spirit, I did not sense any evil from her, so I wasn’t scared of her. And to this day, I have no idea who the woman was or whether she was there to take my Mom home with her.


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Re: My most Amazing ADC

Post by MysterySeeker » Sun Mar 19, 2017 5:52 pm

I tried to edit my above post, but the edit function did not work, and it wanted to submit the edit as a new post.

So below is my edited post, that I tried to submit:

Well I’m thinking of my Mom’s death, I will tell you more ADCs connected to my Mom’s death. As mentioned in the other post, I was looking after my Mom in her home for several months before she died, and we gave her palliative care there up until she died.

I should mention that if I seem so nonchalant about my Mom's death, it's because for one, I was the person in charge of everything. I had to keep a cool head. And the other thing is, that I've always known since I was a little girl, that there is an afterlife, and that I will see my deceased loved ones there again when I die. As a result of that strong belief, I have never grieved too heavily when my loved ones die. it's just the way I'm built.

First, there was 2 times in the days before her death, when I was taking care of her while she slept, that my Mom came out of her body and asked me what I was doing.

For one time, I was swabbing my Mom’s mouth to prevent soars since she always slept with her mouth open. The nurses taught me what to do for this. But to my Mom, she wanted to know, and she was unable to wake up and ask, so she came out of her body, and asked. When I told her what I was doing, she went back into her body and resumed sleeping. I forget now what was going on the second time this happened.

In the middle of the night before my Mom died, I got up to check her, and I could sense that my Mom’s spirit was at least partially out of her body, and she was thinking that she should stay in her body until daytime, because I was thinking that I hope she doesn’t die during the night, because it would be harder to get the appropriate help here. For this, I could sense her spirit sort of pervading over the entire main level of the house.

We were expecting my Mom to die any day when she died, not necessarily the day she died. At the time of my Mom’s death, I had worked on her about 25 minutes before she died, and then I went into another room to work on the computer.

While I was sitting at the computer, I could strongly sense my Mom’s spirit walking down the hallway and she turned and entered the room I was in. So I knew her spirit was coming up behind me.

My Mom was in good spirits, very happy. She didn’t say why, but I could sense that she was very happy to have managed to get out of her bed, as she was bed-ridden.

I stood up from the computer and looked over at her spirit, which I could sense very strong, and I thought “if her spirit is here, what is her body doing?” And I immediately suspected that she had died, so I went into her room and checked, and for sure, she had died. My Mom’s spirit was standing across from me when I checked her body, and she became somewhat sad when she heard me think that yes, she had died.

I immediately phoned the palliative care nurses, as that’s what I had been told to do upon her death, and they came over and verified that she had died.

Right after the phone call, I asked my Mom’s spirit to go outside and find my brother and let him know to come in. (I looked out the windows, but I could not see him.) My brother reported that he felt a spirit fly by close to his head, and he figured it was my Mom, and he came into the house right away.

Seeing that my Mom had just stepped out of her body, I could sense her spirit really strong. That is the strongest I have ever sensed a spirit.

I told the church my family had gone to for decades, and they put the story in her eulogy, which the Minister read at her funeral, which surprised me. I think they too were so amazed, they didn’t stop to think that maybe the story went against their doctrine/beliefs, which I don’t know if it did, or not.

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