a suit and going out ADCs

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a suit and going out ADCs

Post by MysterySeeker » Wed Mar 15, 2017 12:17 am

“yep, that’s the suit!” posting inspired me to share some ADCs

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, Scott, a deceased romantic love, has been with me every day for about a year now.

Last spring I had an appointment and Scott came along. He was wearing dark blue pants, and a grey suit jacket with a shirt and tie. He was looking quite handsome. It took me a bit to catch on, but he was coming out with me. I first saw him in the front lobby of my building, while I waited for my ride. Then he was in the vehicle with me.

When I got to the appointment, I had a long wait, and he waited with me. And I realized that’s why he got all dressed up in the handsome suit, to come out with me and keep me company. I felt very lucky to have his company that day.


Another time last fall, I went to another appointment, and on the way home I took a taxi. When I got into the taxi, I could sense Scott very strong in the back seat. So strong in fact, that I looked at the taxi driver to see if he was freaking out or anything, but he was fine. Scott rode home with me in the cab. Again, what a lucky girl am I :)

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Re: a suit and going out ADCs

Post by MysterySeeker » Sat Mar 18, 2017 3:59 pm

To post an ADC, or not to post an ADC, that is the question.

I can see there are no responses, and that’s why whether or not to post is the question. Even though I realize what is there really to say when someone posts an ADC? After all, an ADC is just a communication between two people, except one of them is dead. if all parties were alive, one would be less inclined to post such communications.

The Wow factor is what makes an ADC interesting to the observer. For me, I have NOT always believed my ADCs. For sure, there are times I thought they were my imagination. If I have a weak ADC now, I still wonder if that was my imagination, but I don’t sweat it anymore, I just relax and realize some day, after I die, I’ll find out what was real, and what was just my own projections or imagination. When I have a medium or strong ADC though, I tend to believe those ones almost completely. There is still a wee bit of skepticism.

I was surprised to learn in my readings about ADCs that people use ADC stories to determine whether there is an afterlife or a God. I’ve always believed in an afterlife and God, so I never questioned that. The real benefit of ADCs come to the people who experience them, and get good information or good feelings from them.

The experiences I posted above, are some of the more interesting ADCs I’ve had in the past year. Most of my daily ADCs are more routine.

I try to go day to day and just accept that this is my life now, but some days I just want to run outside, and raise my arms in the air, and scream “my life is very unusual, or weird.” And that’s what brought me to look for a forum to talk on, by the way. … the need to express myself about these occurrences.

Since Scott has been with me for about a year now, I have had mainly two reactions to it. If he is not around too much one day, I’ll be afraid that he’s gone for good and not coming back. If he’s around a lot then I might feel like screaming “my life is so unusual.” But I seem to have gotten over this reaction, and now if he’s not around much one day, I just think he must have had something else to do today. He usually makes a minimum of 2 brief appearances each day though anyway.

But these are not just weird or unusual experiences for me. These experiences are with Scott, who was alive person. I realize that when people read ADCs, they are reading to them, a mystical story about spirit encounters. But I always remember that Scott used to be alive, and that I loved him very much, and I value any communication I get from him.

So with ADCs you are caught between the mysterious “out of this world” phenomena while dealing with your memories, your grief, and your love for the deceased person, who is now a spirit.

Scott’s permanent return sent me into Googling related topics, and reading many strange and interesting things. Right now I’m also reading the Stead book describing the afterlife. Scott’s return made me think about, for the first time, the condition that my deceased loved ones might be in. And so I read about the afterlife, and other associated topics, like EVPs and ITCs, and people who have unfinished business with their deceased loved one.

All I can say is that God has allowed ADCs to be part of life. For a person who has a lot of them, like me, it is just like any thing else you experience in life, and endure and go through. It has it’s ups and downs, but it also has a heavy component of mystery. For me, my relationship with Scott is a continuation of a relationship that did not stop because he died. Scott made sure of that, I can see. The other day I typed out an overview of all the ADCs I’ve had from Scott since he died, and what the overview said to me, was that he loves me. And that was a big revelation to me, because even though he pursued me when he was alive, deep down I didn’t really believe that he loved me. And I thought that after he died, he would never give me another thought, and certainly not all the experiences I’ve had with him all these years.

When Scott was alive, we had a strong, intense connection. We could see what the other one was thinking by just looking at each other’s faces. If we didn’t see each other for a long time, it would seem like nothing had changed when we did finally see each other. At least, that’s my take on our relationship, perhaps he would say something different.

I still grapple with the fact that Scott is dead. He’s been dead over 30 years now, but he still very much alive in my heart. And because of that, my head sometimes will suddenly realize that he’s actually dead you know. It’s an odd reaction that I’ve not had with the many other people who have died in my life.

Just my thoughts on the matter …


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Re: a suit and going out ADCs

Post by Giulia » Sun Mar 19, 2017 12:08 am

MysterySeeker wrote:To post an ADC, or not to post an ADC, that is the question.

I can see there are no responses, and that’s why whether or not to post is the question.
Hi, MisterySeeker! I see your point. This is the first time I realise that Scott was physically in your life before he became an almost daily presence as a disincarnate being. In your earlier posts, I was somewhat more concerned about finding out why, according to your religious beliefs, there was something along the line that was not right, though I could not understand what this could be.

Right now, I am working on the translation of a book about twin flames, and it is filled with stories of all sorts of couples: some who have met and married after many unsuccessful attempts to find what people often refer to as their "better half", some who have found their special twin straight away and enjoy each single moment of their lives together, knowing that nothing should be taken for granted, and some who have weird experiences of "knowing" their better half is somewhere "out there", out of space and time, and yet sooner or later find them. I don't fully share the philosophy outlined by the author, so I will leave it here, but I do believe that strong bonds between people exist and can make the difference, especially if one is on the physical plane and the other one is not. I also feel that we might have a strong family, on the spirit plane, and that each member has missions to accomplish, while other missions are shared.

ADCs are not only the evidence that we are spirit, in my humble opinion, but also the means for these special connections to manifest and for shared missions to be carried on "together".

As I might have already said, I do not believe there truly is "another side", but feel that we are all in this together, that there is only one side, even though, based on what I have found from researching the topic and from my own experience, we might have agreed at some point to "pretend" that death is the end of it all, though we secretly know that there are many mansions, not only on the other side, but on this side too.

In my opinion, this is the beauty of creation and, even though I simply cannot understand the pain of physical separation, like you, I trust one day I will find out and also realise that it was worthwhile to go through all this, for one reason or another.

About God possibly disapproving the fact that we become aware of the non-existence of separation and death and publically offer evidence of this to others, I recall the NDE of a friend, who was in terrible car accident when she was 19 and died for brief time, while the paramedics were trying to resuscitate her and then the police called her mom in the office and told her that her daughter was dead. In the meantime, after making unsuccessful attempts to tell her friends in the car and the paramedics that she was fine, while floating above the accident scene, she was taken to a beautiful place, filled with love, and she was shown a jug of orangeade with lots of glasses: she was told that God was like the jug of orangeade and we were like glasses of orangeade, all coming from the same jug. She would have never wanted to come back from that place of inconceivable love she was experiencing, but then a small window opened in midair, and she saw her mother in the office receiving the phone call from the police. Her mum's desperation was such she had no choice but return to her body, as it was still able to be revived despite the wounds.

Why did I come up with this story? I am not sure, but it seems from these first-hand accounts that there is plenty of evidence that we all come from the same Source and that it makes no difference whether we are wearing a physical vehicle or not, as long as we acknowledge that there must be a purpose for being here, and that all these amazing ADCs may be a natural part of our life and a reminder that we are all in this together. So I feel it is important we share them, if and where we feel comfortable about it, because many people who have lost a loved one to death are too desperate to talk or think about it (let alone respond to these posts), but may nonetheless read the accounts and realise that there may still be a purpose in carrying on, as maybe their loved one is not lost but always with them, as your daily experiences seem to suggest.
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Re: a suit and going out ADCs

Post by MysterySeeker » Sun Mar 19, 2017 2:38 am

Hi Giulia,

Thanks for responding. I have read about twin flames and soul mates, and yes, perhaps Scott and I are one of those. I don’t know for sure, and I’m also not sure I entirely believe in the concept either.

As a teen, I learned about reincarnation for the first time, and I decided, that it does not exist, except for Scott, we must have known each other in a past life because our connection was so intense. Of course, later, I eventually realized that reincarnation exists. To me, reincarnation is common sense, because if you arrive in the afterlife and there is more work you can do to progress in a positive direction spiritually, it would make sense to me that a loving God would give us another chance to smarten-up, lol.

In my 30s I went to a psychologist, who also turned out to be a psychic/medium, and she told me about how Scott and I did know each other in a previous life. Her story matched how I felt about him in this life, so I tend to believe her story, but some day I’ll find out for sure if it’s true or not.

A few years after that I met a psychic on a forum, and we got to talking, and he told me that Scott is with me all the time. I’m not sure if I fully believe that, but over time I have come to believe that more, and certainly this past year, even more.

You wrote: “ADCs are not only the evidence that we are spirit, in my humble opinion, but also the means for these special connections to manifest and for shared missions to be carried on "together"

I agree with that, and I have wondered lately if all that Scott and I have been through since we first met up until today is/was part of God’s plan.

Scott and my relationship is active again, in the sense that things happen, things get communicated, as in earthly life, albeit through visions, dreams and regular conversations, which can be hard for me to believe happened, but they do occasionally happen. And I always hope and pray that our relationship will be a good and happy one when we are finally reunited on Scott’s dimension.


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