yep, that's the suit!!

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yep, that's the suit!!

Post by Jem7 » Tue Apr 05, 2016 7:28 am

LINK: Robin K Friend's ADC

"""I've always struggled with life. It's unbearable to watch the agony in this world and the things that people go through. Because of this I've always been interested in Near Death Experiences because reading about them makes me aware that there is a higher purpose and therefore I feel slightly better about the horrible things that happen. I have two friends, Sara and Collette who are married. I work with Sara and we constantly discuss life. Sara doesn't believe in God really so I always tell her about NDEs. Sara and Collette came over for taco night with me and my husband. The topic of NDEs came up and Collette told us that she had one when she was 5. She said that ever since, she sees spirits and hates it. It's scary and she always tries to block it out.

The night went on and we changed topics. Collette went to the bathroom. When she came out, she was different and she came and sat right next to me and said, "Robin I have to tell you something. I saw your Dad and he told me to tell you that he loves you and is proud of you". She said that she conveyed to him that there is no way that I would believe her considering what we've been discussing. She said that he told her, "tell her I'm wearing a brown suit". When she said that I instantly knew it was indeed him. She said, "it's a brown tweed suit, and he's tall, has a deep voice and salt and pepper hair". My Dad has always had salt and pepper hair (my whole life) and was tall and had a distinguished deep voice. She said this is the first time that seeing a spirit wasn't scary, and that it was all a good feeling.

My Dad rarely wore suits. In fact I've never seen him in a suit but I knew it was him when she said that because he passed away a year and three months prior to this and I was the one closest to him and I chose a brown tweed suit which my brother agreed to for cremation. We took this suit to the mortuary and it was torturous to look at. I snapped a picture with my phone and had the picture stored in my cloud. I told Collette, "hold on while I find the picture of his suit". I had to go through a year and three months worth of pictures and as I was scrolling I came across a picture of my Dad in a suit and he was at my sisters wedding which I didn't go to. Collette said, "that's him but it's not that suit". I knew it wasn't but the fact that she said that was more confirmation. Then I came across the picture with his clothes on the mortuary table. She said, "yep, that's the suit!!". I asked for more detail of how it happened. She said she was using the restroom (sitting) and that she was looking up to the right at a picture on the wall when she felt a presence to her left. She said he was standing there and she wasn't scared or embarrassed and that he spoke to her. She said it wasn't audible but she could "hear his voice in her head" and that they communicated "telepathically". She said that at the end he smiled."""

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Re: yep, that's the suit!!

Post by Giulia » Thu Jun 02, 2016 2:21 am

What a beautiful and uplifting experience, Robin... Not only for you, but also for Colette. Thanks for sharing. Whenever I come across people who are blessed with the opportunity of seeing disincarnate spirits and are frightened, I am also sorry for those who have passed on and may simply be trying to let us know they are safe and sound.

I feel friendship is a wonderful gift, and that in this case your gathering together in a safe and relaxed environment to talk about what await us after death might have created the perfect circumstances for this wonderful and healing experience.
In three days it will be 2 years my own dad passed away, so I feel especially close to you right now.
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