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Main Rules

Post by Garry » Tue Jan 21, 2014 6:11 am

Hello to Every One

My name is Garry and I am a Administrator here on the new NDERF Forums . We have set it up so that new people have to be approved by an Administrator in hopes that we can keep the Spammers from posting Garbage and Advertising amongst our postings. After a new person is approved then they will be able to post in the forums that they have permission to see and use .

The concept of a forum for those of you who are not familiar with how they work is pretty simple . A Forum on a certain Subject can contain many Topics of which you as the user may create as many Topics as you so wish and then anybody who wishes to read and / or comment on that subject is free to do so .

Please try and stay on Topic to the original Subject of the Thread and not Drift Off Topic , which will happen as it is called Thread Drift . If that does happen we will Separate into individual Topics, Threads that drift to a different subject than the Original Topic, as we feel necessary.

There are many BBCODES available for any of you creative people to dress up your Postings to make them prettier and more fun to read .

It is well known in various forums, that if you want to keep the attention of your fellow members , then don't post big long postings and replies ,that most people won't take the time to read it all anyway.

If you wish to create large postings, we will create a individual personal Forum, for you where you can write as Big A Post, as you so desire and then you can create a link to that posting .

We will be Creating the rules as we go along as we see how well everybody plays together.

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Advertising Rules

Post by LifeReview » Fri Feb 21, 2014 6:18 am

The NDERF forum only allows advertising in the Books section.

Please contact Misha or Garry to ask permission before posting in the books section.

Advertising/Notifying about books which are related to the near-death experience and a genuine spiritual path is OK, but the posts will be checked and approved by a moderator first. Your post will not be visible until approved.

Please do not post commerial web sites, phone numbers, your email, your services via VOIP, chat, webcast, etc., at the Forum.

Deviations from this are inconvenient to our members, and will not be tolerated. A warning and then account closure may occur if advertising is not appropriate to the Board or not in the appropriate place. Thank you for your understanding.

Please report any suspected advertising by Selecting the Report Button on the Top Right Hand Side of the post .....

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Mental Health / Suicide Rules

Post by LifeReview » Tue Mar 25, 2014 2:58 pm

NDERF does not condone suicide. Suicide is a serious event that has many negative effects in the material world of the living, and it may have negative effects in the afterlife that we are unaware of.

While the forum is a great place to make friends and to discuss consciousness, forum members and admins are not qualified to help with psychiatric or spiritual struggles, especially those that involve desperation, despair, or suicide. Such struggles are best handled by a trained professional. Posts about suicide attempts, suicidal thoughts, and related matters may be deleted.

Suicide-related NDEs as an exception:
Some NDERF first-hand accounts are, unfortunately, related to the process of attempted suicide. Discussing these accounts, with the incidental mention of why they happened, is allowed. Discussing these accounts, primarily in relation to what they teach us about hope and consciousness, is OK. In short, healthy discussion is allowed, but psychologically debilitating/degenerative/toxic discussions are not. Discussions that cause other members concern, or stimulate them to give personal advice, are NOT OK.

Crisis versus Progress:
If a member is in the middle of a suicide/mental health struggle, please see a qualified professional; please do not post about that in the Forum. Limited discussion of suicide is permitted on the forum when it is a healed thing of the past, or when it has already come into balance and healing, for the most part, and it isn't being discussed as the main issue. Think of it like this: Saying you've been divorced once is different than discussing your divorce settlement and anguish. It's about context.

Another point of concern is when members mention their serious struggles, atypical inner thoughts or medications (especially psychiatric) on the forum. This is because the forum, although it requires a password, is not secure. We would not want a user to have difficulties with their workplace, supervisor, or insurance due to highly personal comments offered on the board.

NDERF reserves the right to edit posts to remove highly personal details, so that liability is reduced.

With that said, we are always glad to see someone new who is interested in consciousness! The moderators will try their best to gently help you fit in!


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Account Activation & Inactivity

Post by LifeReview » Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:58 pm

In order to keep spam and bots out of our user lists:

Once an account has been activated, it must be logged-into once in the week after activation, or it may be deleted.


Some accounts which are not logged-into for more than 2 months may be deactivated or deleted.

It will greatly assist the admins to remove spam registrations, if members would post at least one message after joining. We apologize for any inconvience this may cause.

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Re: The Rules

Post by LifeReview » Mon Jun 16, 2014 3:46 am

Unwanted Contacts from Inactive Accounts

If someone contacts you through PM or email with a general message, such as an advertisement, please let us know. It would be useful if you can forward the message too.

We allow PM and email, but only for people who take a sincere, active interest in the Forum. Accounts who initiate emails or PMs to members, while contribute nothing to the board, may be deleted.

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Registration takes about 6 hours

Post by LifeReview » Wed Jun 25, 2014 5:43 am

In order to keep out spammers, when someone registers, an admin has to go in and manually activate the account. We usually notice the registration and do that within about 6-8 hours. Because we live in different times zones, one of us will notice very quickly. However, if a user registers and thinks they will get right in, they're mistaken. They need to register and then try in to log in a few hours later.

Please, if you get email or Private Messages from forum accounts that are advertisements or are strange, please contact an administrator. This is important, as we activate most registrations, yet do not always know the registrant's intentions.

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Inappropriate PMs

Post by LifeReview » Fri Sep 05, 2014 4:29 pm

Hi everybody,
Reminder about Private Messaging at

PM is to be used by mature positive people, for purposes such as:

-cheering someone up
-giving a compliment
-getting acquianted
-reminding about something interesting
-notifying an admin about something important

PMs are NOT to be used for:
-starting fights
-promoting religious intolerance
-promoting racism or nationalism
-saying things like "no one here loves me" "no one here likes me" "no one here understands" and similar manipulative approaches.
-initiating contact by someone who shows no interest in the overall forum (no posts or pointless posts)

If users misuse PM, we will have no choice but to turn off PM globally for the board, or to ban users more quickly.
If your PM will make people feel good, sent it! If not, do not press SEND. If you feel the need for drama, arrange to use email and please do not use

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Main Rules

Post by LifeReview » Sun Sep 21, 2014 8:10 am

We want to provide a free, fun, and open community for scientific and spiritual discussions. However we also must protect our members and staff. The following rules have been adopted to keep everyone's experience the most positive it can be. We appreciate your understanding and co-operation in keeping the forum a positive place.

If you have an issue with a particular post or member, in the first instance, please send a message (PM) to a Moderator, or clicking on the Report Post icon () on the relevant post. Please do not start new threads complaining about members or other posts. These will be either removed or closed.

Word filters are in place to filter out profanity and swear words. Any member caught trying to bypass the word filter system in order to post a word or phrase that is unacceptable may have their membership suspended for a while. Repeating this conduct may result in a permanent suspension.

Upon signing up to the forum you are able to post threads and reply to the threads. However, new users do not have the ability to edit their profile, add an avatar, or have a signature. After being a member for a while and making some posts you will have access to all the normal functions of the forum. To know if you are a newbie user it will say so underneath your user name.

Signatures: No more than 3 links to websites. Links MUST NOT be commercial, in other words if the site sells anything or charges a fee for readings, do not post that link. Paid psychics may not advertise here. Repeating this conduct may result in a permanent suspension.

Links to other Forums: Contact an admin. In some cases, we will post a link for you.

Discussion: Members are reminded this is a discussion forum and not a debate forum. That is to say: Debates are destructive as they present one-sided opinions and destroy reasoned arguments, whereas discussions are constructive and encourage the expression of opinion. Trolling and preaching are not forms of discussion and posts or threads of that nature may be deleted, and those who persistently debate / troll / preach without looking to discuss may be subject to warnings leading to Disciplinary Action.

Respect: Please respect other member’s and their beliefs, opinions, and views at all times. Members are also advised to be polite to other members at all times. Aggression, disrespect, baiting, flaming, homophobia , racism , name calling (this includes calling people trolls or accusing them of trolling.), belittling, sarcasm, bullying, gossiping, are all unacceptable behavior and will, if persistent despite reminders and warnings, result in Disciplinary Action. If, however, the breach of the above rule is considered too severe, Staff may at their discretion forgo both the reminder and warning and resort immediately to Disciplinary Action. Adversarial and aggressive posts deter people who would like to contribute to discussions from participation in these boards.

Swearing: We feel that foul or offensive language has no place here, this is a family forum and should be treated as such. Swear words are also not allowed in abbreviated internet acronym form and those that are censored out using ****' symbols. Continual and deliberate swearing will result in warnings and possible Disciplinary Action.

Usernames & Personal Information: please do not use links as usernames, or full names as usernames, as you will be asked to change it. It is also inadvisable to post any personal information on the open forum, things such as full names, email addresses and the like; this is to protect you the member. Please do not post identifying information about other people anywhere in the forum or chatroom.

Unofficial/Unauthorized Multiple Accounts: One account is allowed per person at the forum. Unauthorized second and subsequent accounts are not allowed and will result in a suspension of the unauthorized multiple account(s). We do however accept that in some instances another member of the same household may wish to join the forum and that they will use the same Computer or device to access these forums. In this case please advise a member of staff that another member of your household wishes to join the forum so that we are aware that more than One person is using your computer or device to access the forum.

Harassment: Every member of the board is entitled to harassment free membership, any harassment of any nature, including harassment in chat or via the pm system (this includes unsolicited PM's) should be reported to staff immediately. It will be dealt with quickly and discreetly and may result in Disciplinary Action or Suspension for the perpetrator.

Personal Affairs: This includes disputes from other forums, disputes on this forum, private arguments from your personal life and disliking other members, these should not be brought into the forum, everyone has an ‘ignore this member’ function which can be used, this behavior will result in warnings and possible Disciplinary Action.

Sensitive Topics: the board promotes open discussion; however the board does not promote or condone drug and alcohol abuse or the use of any other illegal substance. Sexual topics should relate to spirituality rather than descending into graphic discussion. Immature use or abuse of this section will result in posts and threads being locked or removed altogether. Members promoting the use of illegal substances or illegal activities will have their posts removed and receive Disciplinary Action. Very simple posts such as, “the experience was similar to shamanic plant experiences, “ are probably OK, but not detailed and dangerous promotion of illegal activities. Keep it brief, simple, and ambiguous. People will understand you. If you do not know how to politely make your point in wise generalized abstact terms, don't post about substances or shamanic materials.

Dangerous Practices and Medical Advice: For the safety of our members, the discussion of any practice which may be extremely detrimental to mind, body, or spirit is not permitted. This includes practices such as fasting for long periods of time, sun gazing, taking substances that can harm ones health, etc. Comments that could discourage a member from visiting their doctor or from following their doctor's advice or prescriptions also fall under this. Posts that the staff deem as violations of this rule will be removed or edited and repeating this conduct will result in warnings and possible Disciplinary Action.

Suicide Posts: Most members of the forum do not have the necessary training to respond to those who are considering suicide and may even with the best of intentions say something that could negatively affect someone in that state of mind. These posts also can negatively affect anyone struggling with depression who reads them. So we cannot in good conscience allow discussions about a member's suicidal ideas to remain on the forums. If you are having suicidal thoughts, please contact someone who is properly trained to respond to these matters.

Images: Please be mindful that this is a family forum, images must not depict violence of any kind, any form of abuse or pornography. Remember that what is funny to one member may be disturbing to another, a good rule of thumb is would you allow a child to see it. Breaches of this rule depending on the nature of the image may result in Disciplinary Action.

Links: You are allowed up to three links in your signature as long as they are NOT commercial (ie sell something.) And of a reasonable size. If you are unsure about a link please ask a member of staff before you post it.

Commercial Links: These are currently not permitted at the board.

Advertising: Advertising is currently not permitted and may result in permanent suspension.

Complaints: Complaints may be made by pm to board admins. Please do not voice complaints about other members or members of staff on the open forum, ever, as this may result in a warning and possible Disciplinary Action.

Discussing DA: Any disciplinary action, along with some forms of moderation carried out by our staff is done after thorough discussion, and is a matter between staff and the member concerned, anyone found to be publicly launching attacks against staff following Disciplinary Action or a fixed term suspension , or found to be discussing Disciplinary Action or a suspension in the forum, chat, PM, etc., will themselves receive a suspension, the length of the suspension depending on the gravity of the attack. It should be noted that no ban is implemented lightly and other members may not be fully aware of the circumstances.

Mentors & Teachers: the board does not permit mentors and teachers to work within the forum, paid or otherwise, as we cannot vouch for anyone to be claiming to be such and in the interests of our members safety have decided on a strict 'not under any circumstances' policy, anyone discovered to be mentoring/teaching, or trying to coerce our membership into joining such groups off site, in the forum or via pm will have their mebership suspended with no warning.

Predictions of Death: Please do not make any predictions of death, be that in readings or dreams or any other area of the forum, no matter how certain you are. Anyone making predictions of death to a member should be reported to staff immediately.

Scaremongering: This is not permitted, what it means is posting information which may cause fear, or even panic amongst members, please remember we have vulnerable members and children here.

Addiction: Better not to go into details, unless it's regarding the spiritual and psychological process of how you successfully broke an addiction.

Self Promotion: Self promotion, which means promoting yourself, paid or unpaid, if it has the potential to lead to personal gain it is not permitted, the board is not a free ads board.

Political Debate
: Please refrain from political debate.

Public Figures: Derogatory discussions about anyone, public figures or not, will not be tolerated and from now on will be removed without notice, the board is not prepared to tolerate libelous remarks made against anyone. Please avoid deep discussions of very famous people, unless it's relevant and positive.

Asking For Help: the board is not uncaring, but all requests for financial assistance from our members will be removed as will all requests for help with studies, research and the like, we have no way of knowing whether any of these requests are genuine and have decided to completely prohibit all such requests to protect the membership from scammers. TV shows, researchers, movie producers, etc., should contact , not this forum (

Members moderating members: Please do not moderate other members, do not create your own rules in posts, tell other member's where they can post and where they cannot, or correct anyone on their spelling or grammar or presentation (English is not everyone's first language and some people have dyslexia or may have learning difficulties.) If a post is difficult to read please pm a staff member so we can discreetly suggest an edit to the member concerned, or if it's a solid block of text we can insert breaks. If you feel threads are in the wrong section please simply contact a member of staff. The staff reserves the right to add line breaks, for readability, to any post.

Copy-Paste: One or two lines at most of relevant text of material from other sites or sources and a link to the relevant text for further reading is allowed on the condition that the author is credited and the source linked is not a commercial site (promoting or selling goods or services). Quotes of religious texts such as the Bible, Bhagavad Gita, etc. must also be no more than one or two lines. Posts that quote or copy-paste more than one or two short lines of text will be removed or edited. Repeatedly breaching this rule will lead to warnings and possible Disciplinary Action. Paste from NDERF, OBERF, and ADCRF with attribution are OK.

Staff are people too! Please note that our staff are members first and foremost, just like you, (they work here for free giving up their own valuable time for the love of the forum) and, as such, are entitled to the same consideration. Any member harassing, threatening, being rude, or abusing our staff will risk having their membership suspended as a result.

Deleting Membership: Here at the forum we do not delete Members accounts as this could pave the way toward people rejoining using different names, We do however offer to deactivate accounts to people who feel they no longer wish to be members, To deactivate your account send a Private Message to an Administrator requesting deactivation. There then will follow a 24 hour re consideration period prior to the deactivation coming into effect. If after a while a person wishes to reactivate their account there will follow a 30 day re activation period. After 3 deactivation requests and 2 reactivation requests a membership will be deactivated permanently. Further the creation of a duplicate account in order to circumvent reactivation is not allowed.

On some occasions staff may need to use their own judgment about an issue which is not covered in these rules, it is impossible to cover every possible scenario in such a brief list as we come across new issues regularly. Please contact admins for ALL problems. admins work to REDUCE the workload of NDERF staff.

Changes, alterations and amendments may be made to these rules to reflect new issues that effect these forums sometimes so please review this page from time to time in order to remain appraised of our forum practice's and policies. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping these forums positive.

The forum reserves the right to revoke the membership of any member that is in breech of these rules at any time. The forum also reserves the right to remove any thread, post, or portion from the forums that is not conducive to the forum at any given time. Administrators reserve the right to edit any post for clarity or appropriateness. Staff will try to avoid any edits that change meaning.

By joining this forum you agree to abide by all of the rules and stickies of the forum. Failure to do so can result in the loss of membership without warning.

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Post by LifeReview » Fri Jan 30, 2015 6:59 am

New Users,

Please avoid replying to very old topics when possible. It's better to start a new topic. That way, it's more likely to get a reponse from currently active members. If a topic has been inactive for more than a few months, please start a new one.

Necroposting (from Wikipedia)
A necropost is a message that revives (as in necromancy) an arbitrarily old thread, causing it to appear above newer and more active threads. This practice is generally seen as a breach of netiquette on most forums. Because old threads are not usually locked from further posting, necroposting is common for newer users and in cases where the date of previous posts is not apparent.

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Post by LifeReview » Thu Mar 26, 2015 3:45 am

While submitting your own copyrighted material is welcome, please remember that some people on the bulletin board may wish to copy some of the work for discussion or reference on the bulletin board. Any other use without the author’s consent can violate copyright law.

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Re: Main Rules

Post by LifeReview » Thu Nov 26, 2015 10:12 am

Welcome to our new members!

Please take a few minutes to read all of the forum's rule. It helps to reduce misunderstandings.