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Seattle IANDS

Post by LifeReview » Tue Apr 29, 2014 4:34 pm


Seattle IANDS meets the second Saturday of every month as noted on our home page. If we can't meet the second Saturday, it's always noted on our web site and on our recorded message at 206-525-5489.

Seattle IANDS began, as most IANDS branches do, when a few near death experiencers (NDErs) gathered to not only share their experiences, but to help each other cope with their expanded sense of reality. It was the Spring of 1982 when the original group, consisting of four near-death experiencers, first met.

Today our meetings range in size with anywhere from 80 to 150 people attending. We also publish an NDE-newsletter approximately every two months, which includes an account of someone’s near death experience and which reaches over 3,000 people around the U.S. and Canada.

Seattle IANDS holds monthly meetings where near death experiencers can share what they have gone through. These meetings have a suggested donation of $5 and are open to the public. (No one will be turned away for lack of donation.) They are held on the second Saturday of the month. We have time for one or two near death experiencers to share their accounts, with time included as well for questions, answers and socializing.