Purpose of the section We Are All Connected

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We Are All Connected
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Purpose of the section We Are All Connected

Post by Garry » Sat Mar 01, 2014 7:07 am

Being that the main purpose of this site is to give Registered Members a place on the web where you can discuss pretty much anything you care to discuss relating to the General Theme and Purpose of the Site. We hope you can meet some new friends here and get the perspective of other people as everybody has different thoughts and opinions on many of the subjects here.

The main purpose of this forum is to be able to view other Sites that have the same or similar purpose.

Most of these sites will be in a Pop up Window or Embedded Directly into the Forum so that you can view them without leaving our forum.

Each site will also have a direct link to them so if you do wish to go there it will be a One Button Click and you will be transported to that site. This is also because of the wide variety of computers Display screens that are out there, we wish to give you, the user the best viewing ability there is for the system that you use.

We are not perfect in our running of the forum , or are we trying to be. We will make mistakes along the way and if you let us know what isn't working we will do our best to correct it and if we can't , well then I guess we can't

We here at the NDERF forum are not trying to out-do the other sites that are out there as to, How they work , or what they do or anything else for that matter . We are just a few ordinary people who are creating a ONE STOP SHOPPING experience for the benifit of our Members and our visitors as the prime purpose of the entire forum is to GET THE WORD OUT to as many people who are interested as possible, so you can make your own unbiased decision as to what you believe .

We hope you enjoy our Site and if you have any suggestions to make it better or any other sites that you feel could be included here please send us a Private Message or an Email or post a link in the Suggestions Topic and we will investigate the site to see if it conforms to the general theme of our forum

Thanks for visiting and please leave a message in the Guest Book if you wish ............

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Purpose of this section 2

Post by LifeReview » Tue Mar 18, 2014 1:40 pm

Members, if you have a site you would like to suggest be added to the "We Are All Connected" link area, please send a message to Garry, or Misha.

(Please understand that NDERF cannot add all sites suggested. Which sites are added, is a decision at the sole discretion of the administration. Sites are considered on a case-by-case basis, but all suggestions are welcome.)

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